A January 2020 cruise to Antarctica provided many inspirations from an out-of-this-world experience.  It is a continent of rock and ice surrounded by a sea of icebergs.  It creates its own weather and moody clouds are a constant cover at various elevations obscuring the mountainstops and the source of glaciers.  Only one brief ray of a setting sun penetrated this cover to set the bergs aglow.  Most surprisingly was the wildlife God created to live in this harsh climate to treat us with life in this otherwise still and silent land and seascape.

         "PENGUIN PAIR"
Canvas prints 14" x 23"  $155

Original Oil  SOLD

             "WHALE POD"
Canvas Prints 14" x 22"  $155

Original Oil 20" x 32"  $2800

        "EVENING GLOW"

Original Oil 18" x 24" $2000

        "PENGUIN COVE"

Original Oil 22" x 26"  $2600

          "STORMY SEA"

Original Oil 16" x 20"  $2000

          "WHALE TAIL"

Original Oil 16" x 26"  $2400


Original Oil 16" x 26"  $2400


Original Oil 22" x 44"  $5500