Custom Paintings

Many of Dan?s works are a result of his hunting experiences which he adds the animal into the setting he photographs. Original paintings can be ordered from your hunt, of your trophy or the one that got away. You provide the photos and describe how you experienced it, and Dan will recreate it.  Portraits can be ordered of your pets or property.  You provide the photos or have Dan photograph them for you.  See the examples below.  Contact Dan Christ for pricing estimates.

Custom Oil Painting
Original Beagles

SPCA adoption
Bernese mountain dog - mix breed

Original Dall Ram oil painting by Dan on a moose antler, including a hand carved oak stand.

Custom Oil Painting
Original Beagle

Custom oil painting
Original Labs

Custom oil painting
Original Red Doberman

Pet Portrait

Custom oil painting
Buddy a Bichon Frise

Pet in Action

Customer's winter farm 

After someone challenged Dan to paint an entire wild turkey fantail, he pursued the venture. Pictured below are two completed fantails with North American game animals and a bald eagle in the center of each tail.  He used both Eastern and Merriams wild turkey tails.

Dan has completed other fantails, one depicting African game animals. The dimensions vary according to the tail size. The price for each tail framed is $1850. Supply your own turkey tail and Dan will customize it to your liking.

   German Shorthair                     Pointer
Painted on a grouse tail
        she retrieved

Gunnie - Beloved Brown Lab

Water loving Black Lab