200 Giclee/Canvas Prints
16" x 24" @ $195
14" x 21" @ $155

Original size: 18" x 26"
Price for Original Oil Painting: $4500


100 Giclee Canvas
15" x 19"  -  $145
18" x 23"  -  $195

Original SOLD

The rut takes its toll on herd bulls.  After the rut they seek out secluded hide outs to regain their strength.


100 Canvas Giclees
14" x 21" - $155
20" x 30" - $295

Original Size 24" x 36"
Price for Original Oil: $8500

The glowing sunrise caught by the Tetons forms the background for the majestic confrontation of rival bull elks.


"Rocky Mountain Gold"

Image size: 16" x 23 1/4"
300 s/n prints @ $115
30 artist proofs @ $140

Original size: 22" x 32"
Price for Original Oil: $6,000 

"Penn's Woods Legend"

Image size: 20" x 32"
450 s/n prints @ $125
45 artist proofs @ $150
1000 numbered patches @ $9.50

Original size: 26" x 40"
Price for Original Oil: $8,500

The elk, once native to Penn's Woods, is again flourishing in north-central PA. Viewing the magnificence of the adult bull is a memorable experience, and the herd has become quite a tourist attraction. Adding to this interest is a limited elk hunting season. Unfortunately, one of the herd's trophies was missing due to being shot by a poacher in October 2000. Known as "Crazy Legs" by local residents, this huge approximately 900-pound bull has now become the Penn's Woods Legend. This print immortalizes this magnificent animal.

"Piercing the Silence"

50 Giclee 18" X 32" @ $375

Original oil painting: 22"x40"  SOLD

  "Pursuers Song"

100 Giclee/Canvas Prints
  15" x 18" @ $155

  Original Oil Painting $1800

  The elk's bugle announces
   his presence and desire, a
   magical resonance to the
   mountains of Pennsylvania

"Keystone Elk Country"

Canvas Giclee Prints 
16" x 24" @ $195

A mid-October field full of elk, with three nice
bulls working a crowd of cows and calfs.  This
subdued post rut acticity was exactly what was needed to capture the more peaceful elegance of the elk.  Equally important to me was to have an interesting sky. This was the perfect evening for the inspiration I needed.
This is Dan's commissioned painting for the Keystone Elk Country Alliance and its 10 year anniversary in 2020.