Q: What is an artist proof (A.P.)?
A:  An artist proof is an identical print of the regular edition only having a different number on it.  Generally I take 10% of the regular edition and number them as artist proofs (A.P.)  As I number the prints, after each ten prints numbered I will pull out the next print for closer inspection and then number it as an A.P.  For example: If my edition size is 450, then 450 of the prints are signed and numbered (s/n) and called the regular edition.  Let's say you're buying number 119 of the regular edition.  It will be numbered like this: 119/450.  The remaining fifty prints, or 10% become the A.P.'s.  Let's say you're buying artist proof number 35.  It will be numbered like this: 35/45 A.P.  Each of the 495 prints are hand signed.

Q: What is the medium of the original paintings?
A. All my originals are painted in oil.

Q: Do you paint from photos?
A: Most of my paintings are taken from actual settings which I photograph to capture the lighting and mood of the day. Then I rearrange things to perfect the composition and add the lighting and wildlife into it. The wildlife subjects are my own creations resulting from studying the subject and habitat to create a fictitious but realistic wildlife experience. Example: The Homestead Series. See Online Gallery to view this series.

Q: How long does it take to do a painting?
A: Some of my inspirations are spontaneous and can result in a finished painting in a few days.  Others may take months and years to research and/or obtain the necessary photos.

Q: What is a remarque?
A: A remarque is a small original that is painted or drawn on the border of the limited edition print.  The remarque is usually the main subject animal in the print.

Q: Are remarques available from Dan?
A: Remarques are available upon request.  A color painted remarque is available for $100.  A pencil remarque is available for $60.

Q: What is a giclee?
A: A giclee is a print on canvas or paper.  These prints are done on an inkjet printer using six colors, improving the quality over the traditional lithograph print.  The canvas print is varnished and is framed similar to the original oil painting, eliminating the need for mat and glass.  In appearance it is more like an original. The paper prints are framed and matted with the museum quality products that have always been used.

Q: What is a painted turkey tail feather?
A: Turkey tail feathers are donated to Dan by his hunting friends. They are sprayed with a varnish to stiffen them and to provide a base for the oil paint. He paints and frames one or two feathers and sometimes an entire fantail. Single feathers are $165, double feathers are $185, complete  fantails sell for $1850.