Wildlife Artist

The realistic wildlife art by Pennsylvania artist Dan Christ results from his forty plus years of experience observing and painting wildlife, specializing in deer and turkey art and uniquely combining them into train art featuring steam locomotives. Dan's wildlife art also portrays the wildlife of his experiences in the Rocky Mountains, Alaska and Africa and most recently  Antarctica.

           Canvas prints available
                 13" x 22" - $155
      Original Oil - 14" x 24" $2400

           "DIETRICH FARM" 
            Canvas Print Sizes:
                14" x 22" - $155
               20" x 30" - $245
             Original Oil - Sold


       Original Oil 24" x 44"  $9500
            Prints available

        15 1\2 x 27 1\2 - $195

 A trip to Glacier National Park in Montana in search of this spot for the purpose of painting this scene was the goal.  The smoke from the fires clouded the scene so Dan's artistic license was called for to create this painting. This is the original - prints will be in the future.

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           "LUTZ FARM"
       Canvas Print Sizes
           14" x 22" - $155
           20" x 30" - $245
        Original Oil - Sold

        The latest in the 
   Train Tracks Series.  This
black bear lumbers through
 on the WK&S railroad after
        a long winter's nap.

         Canvas Print Size
              16" x 21" -  $155
         Original Oil - Sold

              Whitetail deer in a
            snow scene - Reminds
            us in PA what it usually
       looks like here in the winter

               "ON THE MOVE"

               Canvas Print Size
                  12" x 15" -  $125

               Original Oil Painting
                          14" x 18"

Original Oil 18" x 24" $3000
A true to life scene captured
close up and personal in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

                 "EVENING GLOW"
       Original Oil - 18" x 27" $2000.


  Original Oil 24" x 48" $9500

A perfect setting as the sun burns the early morning fog away.  A Badlands, SD scene that is ever to be remembered and recreated here by Dan's keen eye and love for this country.