Wildlife Artist

The realistic wildlife art by Pennsylvania artist Dan Christ results from his forty plus years of experience observing and painting wildlife, specializing in deer and turkey art and uniquely combining them into train art featuring steam locomotives. Dan's wildlife art also portrays the wildlife of his experiences in the Rocky Mountains, Alaska and Africa.

"Falls Trail Outing"

100 Giclee Prints
16" x 24" @ $225

Original Oil Painting Sold

Family outing on
Ricketts Glen Trail

"Spring Ice"

100 Giclee Prints
15" x 20" @ $195

Oirginal Oil Painting: $2500
Original size: 18" x 24"

A morning sun promises spring though a cold night edged the old with new ice.

"Slipping By"

100 Giclee Prints
14" x 18" @ $155

Original Oil Painting:  $1200
Original size: 14" x 18"

A deer's steps are hushed by falling snow.

  "Pursuers Song"

100 Giclee Prints
15" x 18" @ $155
Original Oil Painting: $1800
The elk's bugle announces
his presence and desire, a
magical resonance to the
 mountains of Pennsylvania